CRDI at the World Conference for Online Learning

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November 18, 2019
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November 26, 2019
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CRDI at the World Conference for Online Learning

Dr. Anne-Marie Miller, Project Manager, CRDI CÚRAM Partnership and Mr. Gàel Parent, Project Lead, Education and Development, CRDI recently presented at the 28th ICDE World Conference for Online Learning on the use of mixed online media and open badges to support medical device regulatory and collaborative research training as well as continuous professional development in biomedical research, industry and cross institutional academic settings. In particular CRDI’s medical device development and regulatory eLearning modules, ‘MedtechTranslate’ regulatory information portal and CRDI Course Coordinator / Lecturer Open Badges were featured. Dr. Miller’s paper Mixed media: dual online methodologies for a complex audience, presented at the conference, will soon be available in ‘Open Praxis’.

Much of the work presented by Dr. Miller was an outcome of the CRDI / CÚRAM Partnership which focuses on harnessing the appropriate knowledge and expertise to develop and provide eLearning, training and information tools to establish best practice in medical device research translation. Significantly this work is underpinned by constructive engagement with industry, regulators, academic researchers, clinicians and the national clinical research infrastructure.

Mr. Parent’s digital poster described the various steps of the Open Badge life cycle from development by the issuer to use by the recipient. CRDI use Open Badges to reward attendees who successfully complete the assessments of the widely-available CRDI continuing professional development opportunities. CRDI also acknowledges instructor contributions to said training via the award of Open Badges, connected and verifiable credentials represented in portable image files shareable across the web.

The ICDE World Conference on Online Learning is one of the largest and most prestigious international conferences in the area. The conference theme of “Transforming Lives and Societies” examined the growth of new models of open, online and digital learning. Dr. Miller presented in the context of addressing ‘New Skills for living and working in New Times’ with the conference supporting a wider context of Sustainable Development Goals.

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