The Wellcome Trust - HRB Dublin Centre for Clinical Research (DCCR) is a major investment in clinical research infrastructure made by the Wellcome Trust and HRB. The DCCR provides the infrastructure – the physical space, facilities and trained staff – needed to support collaborative clinical research studies across Dublin involving the TCD, UCD and RCSI Medical Schools, their associated teaching hospitals and Molecular Medicine Ireland. The DCCR network includes research activities taking place at RCSI Clinical Research Centre at Beaumont Hospital, the UCD Clinical Research Centre at Mater Misericordae University Hospital and St. Vincent’s University Hospital and the newly opened Wellcome Trust - HRB Clinical Research Facility at St. James’s Hospital (www.sjhcrf.ie), pictured above.

The Objectives of the Dublin Centre for Clinical Research

The specific objectives of the Dublin Centre for Clinical Research (DCCR) are:

  1. Construction and operation of the Wellcome Trust - HRB Clinical Research Facility (CRF) at St. James’s Hospital;
  2. Development of a programme of advanced therapeutics within the St James’s Hospital CRC; and
  3. Delivery of clinical research programmes, primarily in cancer, neuro-psychiatric disease, and infection and immunity, supported by a citywide network.

The development of the city-wide clinical research network involves the creation of a shared clinical research informatics network and training and education programmes for research nurses. The research programmes supported by the network are driven by DCCR Clinical Interest Groups, where clinicians and scientists from across the city have come together around particular clinical research themes. In some areas, studies are supported by DCCR Network infrastructure across the country. A Network Management Team is supported by the DCCR Network Operations Team, which is responsible for establishing standard network operating procedures for multi-site clinical research (DCCR Clinical Research Portfolio), network training and education initiatives (e.g. Certificate Course in Research Nursing and ICRIN GCP) as well as the development of clinical research IT infrastructure.