CRDI Course: Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Medicine

Academic Coordinator
Prof Ross McManus (Professor in Molecular Medicine at Trinity College Dublin)
Administrative CoordinatorGaël Parent (Project Lead, Education and Development, CRDI)

Next Delivery

Date(s) December 2019 (tbc)
VenueDublin (tbc)
Online Application PeriodNovember 2019 (tbc)


This course, running over 2 full days, is designed to give bioscientists and clinicians a broad overview of research techniques and their application. Basic molecular biology laboratory experience is assumed, but you should not need prior knowledge of the techniques covered in the course.

The objective for postgraduate teaching is to give students a broad basic knowledge of bioscience research techniques and technologies, including those not currently used in their own project/laboratory that may be of future use. We recommend that postgraduate students attend the whole course (CRDI Course Attendance Certificates are only provided for complete attendance).

Course Fees

  • CRDI Partner Institutions:
    Postgraduate student, postdoctoral researcher, or member of staff in NUI Galway, RCSI, TCD, UCC, UCD, UL and affiliated hospitals: Free of charge
  • Other Institutions:
    Academic Rate:  Free of charge*
    Non-academic rate: 600 Euros

* Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are delighted to offer this course free of charge for all academics

The registration charges do not include accommodation or travel. Please contact for further information


2019 agenda still tbc. Please see here for 2018 Agenda




Online application period: November 2019

Course Accreditation & CRDI Open Badge

The course content will be examined thereafter by online MCQ. Taking the course online examination is not mandatory and only optional.


ECTS Credits

  • Please note this course bears 5 ECTS credits for eligible TCD registered students, i.e. registered in TCD academic year 2019/2020.
  • TCD attendees who wish to avail of ECTS academic year 2019/2020 must, in addition to registration with CRDI, register formally for this course via portal (TCD course code CM8801). Registration with CRDI alone will not suffice for award of ECTS.
  • Students not registered with TCD may be eligible for award of ECTS through TCD. Please check with your own college graduate office regarding your eligibility for ECTS.
  • CRDI certificates of attendance will be provided to those not eligible for, or requiring, ECTS.
  • CRDI certificates of completion and CRDI Open Badges (see below) will be awarded to all successful course participants including those eligible for ECTS.


CRDI Open Badge

  • A CRDI Certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who do not wish to take the exam (Full attendance in all course sessions is required)
  • A CRDI Open Badge will be awarded to those who successfully complete the online MCQ (Date tbc). This Open Badge is provided as a measure of CPD attainment.

What is an Open Badge?

Open Badges are verifiable, portable digital badges with embedded metadata about skills and achievements. They comply with the Open Badges Specification and are shareable across the web (Social Media, e-Portfolio, Blogs or Online CVs).

Further details on this CRDI Open Badge here