On this page we hope to answer those questions we are asked most regularly regarding CRDI Courses & Workshops, and some we believe may be asked in the future. If you cannot find an answer to your question here please email education@crdi.ie.

Who can apply for a CRDI Short Course?
Applications are welcome from all those interested in in biomedical research and its clinical translation within CRDI affiliate institutions.

You can apply to attend a CRDI Course if you are a postgraduate student, postdoctoral researcher, or member of staff in CRDI affiliate institutions. Unless indicated otherwise, there is no charge for attendance for individuals from such institutions.

Those interested in attending who are based outside such institutions and/or in industry are welcome. You should contact education@crdi.ie before applying online. If a charge applies, this will be clearly displayed on the course details. If you are unsure whether you are eligible to attend, please email education@crdi.ie for clarification before you apply online.

How do I apply for a CRDI Short Course?
Applications can be made via CRDI Short Courses. On application you will receive an email of acknowledgement. We will contact you at the end of the online application period to confirm your place or otherwise. Please note that in some cases, numbers of attendees are limited, therefore not all applications will necessarily be accepted.

Are CRDI Short Courses open to overseas applicants?
CRDI Short Courses are open to applicants from overseas, but there are important considerations arising from the structure, delivery method and scheduling of individual courses and from possible visa requirements. The information for each CRDI Short Course shows the required commitment from participants, including any attendance at lectures and/or workshops taking place in Ireland. Please bear this in mind if you need to travel to Ireland to fulfil the course requirements.

Please note that CRDI Short Courses do not meet the Department of Foreign Affairs criteria for students requiring an Entry Visa.

If you have any queries relating to eligibility, please email education@crdi.ie, before you apply. See: Department of Foreign Affairs Visa Services pages for further information.

What happens if my application is not successful?
If a course is fully subscribed at the time of your application, your details will be kept on file should a place subsequently become available. You will also be notified if the course is to be rerun. If offered a place, you will be required to confirm same. Failure to do so will result in your place being offered to another applicant.

Do I get a Certificate for attending a course?
The awarding of CRDI open badges and/or certificates of completion is course dependent. Please note that acknowledgement of successful completion of a course (i.e. open badge or certification) is made only upon full completion of the course criteria and/or examination. A certificate of attendance can be provided on request. Please note that certificates of attendance are only awarded in case of full attendance of the course. Course attendance is monitored by means of daily registration.

In certain instances CRDI Short Courses are eligible for ECTS. Please note however that registration for these courses with CRDI is not sufficient for the award of ECTS. Eligible students must register for ECTS with their own third level institution. Please contact education@crdi.ie or your own graduate studies office for further detail.

I have applied online but I cannot attend the course, what should I do?
If you find at any point after applying for a course that you are unable to attend it is important that you let us know immediately. On many occasions we have more applicants than there are places available on a course. There is no penalty for cancelling your place on a course, and a brief email to education@crdi.ie is all it takes to let us know.

Can I have copies of the presentations from a course?
Every effort will be made to make courses material available where appropriate.

Will I be given opportunity to feedback on a course?
All feedback received is very helpful to us when planning future CRDI courses, in that respect we circulate course review forms / questionnaires to every course participant. Equally please feel free to email education@crdi.ie with specific comments or queries.

Who should I contact if I have a question about a course?
If you have any questions regarding a course or want to let us know areas you would like to see covered in future CRDI courses you can contact us at any time by email: education@crdi.ie

If your question has not been answered on this page please email education@crdi.ie and we will try to help you. We may even include your question and our response on this page in the future.