Gaël Parent

Gaël Parent

Project Lead, Education and Developement

01 658 2122

Gaël Parent is Project Lead, Education and Development. He is lead on educational projects including the development of collaborative training accreditation incorporating Open Badges, and CRDI online resources such as the Curriculum Portal and SkillsLog

Gaël coordinates the CRDI website development and content, working closely with external website developers and supporting all the units of CRDI. In addition, his social media skills are used to increase CRDI’s brand recognition on the internet.

Gaël is also involved in CRDI short courses development and delivery, including coordination of the CRDI’s premier live continuing professional development course ‘Techniques and Strategies in Molecular Medicine’ ( and CRDI e-Learning Case Studies in Drug Discovery & Development course (

Recently, Gaël has taken responsibility as Project Manager for CRDI engagement in an ERASMUS+ funded project with four European partners, ‘Curriculum Development of Human Clinical Trials for the Next Generation Biomedical Students’ (CONSCIOUS). In addition, Gaël is part of the team working with with CÚRAM, the SFI Centre for Research in Medical Devices.

In 2001, Gaël obtained a Master in Sociology at the University of Nantes, France, with a specialisation in Analysis of Institutional Structures. His taste for the event management field led him to undertake a diploma in Sales Training Applied to Cultural Events at the Chamber of Commerce of Nantes (2003), later completed by an Event Management Diploma in Dublin (2009). Before moving to Ireland in 2006 and joining the DMMC (soon to become CRDI) in 2007, Gaël worked in different businesses in the UK and Ireland while improving his language skills.

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