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Guest seminar – Precision Oncology Ireland

Date: Monday 13 January 2020; 1pm
Venue: UCD Charles Institute Seminar Room

Registration (free): Please register at the following eventbrite link 

Dr Brennan is head of the Genetics Section and the Genetic Epidemiology Group at IARC. The overarching aim of the Group is to use genetics to understand more about environmental, lifestyle and infectious causes of cancer, as well as contribute to early detection of cancer.   This is done by a combination of large scale studies involving comprehensive analysis of both germline and tumour DNA. A particular focus of the work of Dr Brennan is with cancers of the upper-digestive tract, as well as kidney and pancreatic cancers.  His studies involve collaborations across 6 continents.  He is funded extensively by the US National Institute of Health, the CRUK Grand Challenge programme, the French INCA, the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme and the World Cancer Research Fund.  He has co-authored over 600 papers.