Illumina Seminar Series presents: Next Generation Sequencing Simplified

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June 29, 2010
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Illumina Seminar Series presents: Next Generation Sequencing Simplified


Illumina sequencing is fuelling groundbreaking discoveries across a wide range of research areas. By enabling the broadest range of applications including whole-genome resequencing de novo sequencing targeted resequencing transcriptome and epigenetic analysis researchers are publishing at amazing rates.

This seminar series will showcase presentations from scientists using Illumina technology to power their next-generation sequencing studies. We invite you to join us learn about their research and receive an update on new sequencing products from Illumina.

Date: 5 July 2010

Venue: The Westin Dublin at College Green
              The Banking Hall
              Westmoreland Street
              Dublin 2 


Richard Wood Illumina
10:35The Expanded Illumina Sequencing Portfolio New Sample Prep Solutions and Workflow
Colin Baron Illumina
11:00The Compendium of Genomic DNA Sequencing Applications
Gareth Elvidge Illumina
11:30 Multiplex Target Enrichment Using DNA Indexing for Ultra-High Throughput Variant Detection
Derek Morris Ph.D. Institute of Molecular Medicine Trinity College
12:00Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Cattle Using mRNAseq
Matthew McCabe Ph.D. TEAGASC
1:30Transcriptomics; Is It Time to Switch From Arrays to Sequencing?
Stephanie Brooking Illumina
2:00Sequencing the Genome of the Extinct Eurasian Aurochs (Bos Primigenius)
David MacHugh Ph.D. UCD
 2:30Illuminating the Transcriptional Response of a Bacterial Intracellular Pathogen During Infection
Amanda Lohan Ph.D. Loftus Group Conway Institute University College Dublin
3:00 Illumina NGS Sequencing Analysis Process: Turning Data Into Biology
David Townley Illumina
3:30Closing Remarks
Richard Wood Illumina

* Register early to secure a seat as space is limited

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