The Irish Prostate Cancer Outcomes Research (IPCOR) Project is a clinically-led study that aims to improve the treatment and care of men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland thus maximising their quality of life.

IPCOR was started in 2014 with funding from the Irish Cancer Society and Movember. It will establish the first register for the purpose of monitoring, benchmarking and publicly reporting the outcomes of prostate cancer care.

IPCOR will capture clinical data and patient-reported information on men recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and will follow the patients over the course of their care and beyond.

The lead investigator is Mr David Galvin, who is a Consultant Urologist at St. Vincent's and the Mater Misericordiae Hospitals as well as the Clinical Lead of the Prostate Cancer Committee in the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP).  The IPCOR team also includes Co-Investigators, Prof Frank Sullivan, Radiation Oncologist at NUI Galway, Dr Ray McDermott, Medical Oncologist at Trinity College Dublin and Prof Linda Sharp, Epidemiologist at the National Cancer Registry, as well as the Project Manager, Dr Áine Murphy.

The 2018 IPCOR Annual Report and Executive Summary are now available.

Download the 2018 report here

Download the 2018 Executive Summary here

For further information please go to the IPCOR Website: