Postdoctoral Position Biostatistics / Systems Medicine

November 18, 2016
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December 19, 2016
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Postdoctoral Position Biostatistics / Systems Medicine

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Title: Mathematical modelling / Systems Biology Postdoctoral Fellow – Clinical and Pre-Clinical Cancer Research

Department: Centre for Systems Medicine and Dept of Physiology and Medical Physics

Location: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Reporting to: Prof Jochen Prehn or nominee

The research group of Prof Jochen Prehn at the RCSI Centre for Systems Medicine and the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics aims to identify novel prognostic and predictive biomarkers for the clinical management of colorectal cancer and other solid tumours. The team utilizes genomic and proteomic data sets as well as deterministic and data-driven systems modelling approaches on large clinical cohorts and pre-clinical cancer models to develop new stratification tools for genotoxic therapies and targeted therapies. The group collaborates within large European clinical and preclinical research networks funded by the European Union, Science Foundation Ireland (two recent Principal Investigator Awards) and the Irish Cancer Society, as well as with key industrial partners. 


Tdevelop and test novel deterministic and data-driven mathematical models of key signalling pathways involved in tumour progression and chemotherapy resistance (IAP signalling , death receptor and NFkappaB pathway) as part of Prof Prehn’s SFI-DEL Investigator Award, to perform data integration and analysisand to oversee the delivery of the Work Programme in the area of systems biology. To collaborate with a strong team of systems biologists and bioinformaticians (6 postdoctoral scientists and 1 PhD student), cancer biologists (5 postdoctoral scientists and 3 PhD students) and clinical researchers in the identification of predictive/prognostic signatures and patient stratification tools.

Specifically the duties of the post will include

• Developing and testing mathematical models, performing research, data integration and data analysis on the SFI-funded Investigator program of Prof Jochen Prehn aimed at identifying stratification tools IAP antagonists for the treatment of colorectal cancer
• To oversee the delivery of the work programme and related work programmes, in particular other colorectal cancer and breast cancer research programmes  
• Providing mathematical modelling and data analysis support and training for the in silico and wet-lab researchers of the group
• Drafting of reports, manuscripts, protocols and grant applications
• Engaging with statisticians in the College to promote collaborative research
• Facilitating undergraduate and postgraduate programmes 
• Ensuring accuracy and consistency of all processes
• Undergoing programmes of training and development as may be required from time to time
• Representing the best interests of the department and centre at all times
• Performing such other duties as may be required from time to time

Person Specification:

The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate the following:

• The candidate should have a higher degree (PhD or Master) in the area of Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Software Engineering or a related field, ideally with programming experience in at least one higher programming language (C/C++, Visual Basic or MATLAB preferred). 
• (S)he should have research experience or background knowledge in the subject areas described above, and should have demonstrated research accomplishments documented by publications and/or awards
• (S)he will be required to work independently and to integrate into a strongly interdisciplinary research environment. 
• Excellent communication skills are required to team up with project partners.  Strong organisational and administrative skills 
• Specific interest in IT and e-learning with a willingness to develop further in this area
• An ability to handle confidential information with discretion
• An ability to use own initiative 
• An awareness of postgraduate issues and ability to handle such issues sensitively
• Ability to take direction and meet deadlines
• Meticulous attention to detail

 Note: this Job Description may be subject to change to reflect the evolving requirements of the department in delivering its strategic objectives

Closing Date: 31st December

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