Academic Lab Placements

Placements are designed to familiarise Scholars with the different research environments, build links with other researchers, and enable the completion and reporting of concise research projects with the support of mentors. This placement provides hands-on, practical experience in experimental design, implementation, interpretation, and reporting methods used in a research laboratory. Scholars select from available projects with particpating principal investigators Feedback from CTRSP Scholars in 2011:

“I feel that this placement has improved my ability to work independenty, as well as gaining lab skills, writing skills and statistical skills”

“I got to submit a poster at a conference from my lab placement.”

“I developed new skills including communication, project design, finishing a project in a specific time, researching databases and presentation/public speaking.”

“Taught me fundamental lab skills that can be used in any lab setting.”

“I know now that cancer research is the area I would like my PhD to focus on.”

Clinical Research Facility Placements






A two-week placement in a Clinical Research Facility gives Scholars first-hand experience of the practical aspects of clinical research, for both clinical trials and observational studies.

Industry Placements

In 2011, MMI secured the agreement of over 20 organisations to offer 10-15 week placement experiences in the clinical and translational research environment. These include biomarker assay development; medical device and diagnostic product R&D; preparing pre-clinical and clinical protocols; identification and validation of therapeutic targets; developing disease models; clinical validation activities; characterisation of therapeutic bacterial strains; design, analysis and reporting of observational research studies and clinical trials; pharmacovigilance, quality and regulatory affairs; high content screening technology development; pharmaceutical marketing; Clinical Research Organisation R&D.

Placement providers are distributed across the enterprise sector with a translational medicine/technology focus, including biomedical start-ups, medical device companies, clinical research organisations and multinational pharmaceutical companies. We would like to acknowledge this high level of industry engagement for a single structured PhD programme, with the following organisations providing work placements: Abbott, Alimentary Health, Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (project developed with industry partner), A. Menarini Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, Argutus Medical, Biosensia, BlueBridge Technologies, Boston Scientific, Cellix, Creganna-Tactx Medical, Crospon, Irish National Centre for High Content Screening & Analysis (spin-out of technologies), Janssen, Java Clinical Research, Medtronic, Merck, Neuravi, Oncomark, Sanofi, Sigmoid Pharma, Trinity Biotech, UCB, Veryan. In addition, the Irish Medicines Board provided a valuable placement in the regulatory environment.

Report on Industry Placement 2011

Report on Industry Placements 2012