Prof Larry Egan
Chair of Clinical Pharmacology and Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, NUI Galway

Prof Aideen Long
Associate Professor, Institute of Molecular Medicine, TCD & Dean of Graduate Studies, TCD

Ms Ann Marie O’Connor
Technical Director, Grifols Worldwide Operations Ltd

Prof Catherine Godson
Director of UCD Diabetes Research Centre and Professor of Molecular Medicine,UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science

Dr Willard Dere
Executive Director of Personalized Health, Health Sciences Centre, University of Utah

Prof Doug Veale
Consultant Rheumatologist, DAHC/St. Vincent’s University Hospital and Medical Director of SVUH Education and Research Centre

Dr Niall MacAleenan
Clinical Assessment Manager/ Medical Device Lead, The Health Products Regulatory Authority

Dr Liam Fanning
Director, Molecular Virology Diagnostic & Research Laboratory, College of Medecine and Health, UCC

Dr Mark Watson (Chair)
Head of Programmes, Molecular Medicine Ireland

Mr Gael Parent (Secretary)
Administrative Coordinator – Education & Website, Molecular Medicine Ireland

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide strategic oversight of the MMI Clinical & Translational Research Scholars Programme from funding submission through to completion of studies by the first cohort of MMI Scholars, and subsequent mainstreaming of the programme.
  2. To assist in coordinating the implementation of the CTRSP in the participating institutions and with external partners (including industry, regulatory bodies and other organisations involved in delivery of education and training).
  3. To assist in ensuring a transparent and rigorous application and selection process for recruitment of MMI Scholars.
  4. To review PhD research projects selected by MMI Scholars and advise whether these are suitable for the CTRSP.
  5. To participate in annual meetings with the MMI Scholars to advise on their progress in the Programme, transferable skills and career development.
  6. To assist in reviewing the CTRSP and to recommend how future programmes may be improved.
  7. To advise on mainstreaming of the CTRSP.