CRDI Curriculum Portal

The CRDI Structured Training Curriculum Web Portal provides a very flexible resource for assembling graduate education modules as part of various training programmes and curricula


Curriculum Portal in Practice: As used in the ICAT programme


The Wellcome – Health Research Board Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) Programme is a unique all Ireland cross-institutional, comprehensive national programme for Clinician Scientists based at six major Irish universities and their affiliated hospital groups. The programme is coordinated by CRDI (further info here).
  • As part of their training resources, the Wellcome-HRB ICAT Fellows can access an ICAT themed curriculum
  • 192 modules from 6 partner institutions are assembled under 12 distinct topics on the platform
  • The interactive web portal interface provides comprehensive information on each module to registered users who can then express an interest to attend modules


The CRDI Structured training Curriculum Web Portal was first developed as part of the Molecular Medicine Ireland (MMI) Clinician Scientist Curriculum in November 2010. The purpose was to sustain the commitment to train clinician scientists in Ireland, building on the experience of delivering the MMI Clinician Scientist Fellowship Programme (CSFP; funded through PRTLI Cycle 4; 2007-2012; further info here).

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