CRDI is coordinating expertise across our partner academic institutions and beyond to develop and deliver resources for research training.

Development of one such resource, e-Learning, is a current priority area for CRDI. We are working with our academic research community, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, the Health Products Regulatory Authority, the National Standards Authority of Ireland and patients to develop online/blended education modules and information resources. A multimedia approach incorporates filmed presenters with dynamic graphics, case studies, interviews, resources and quizzes.

e-Learning modules developed by CRDI

EU Regulation of Medical Devices

In partnership with CÚRAM, SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices

This module provides an introduction to regulation of medical devices within the European Union. It introduces the student to the governing regulatory framework along with associated concepts, definitions, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders.

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Case Studies in Drug Discovery & Development

Academic Coordinator: Prof David Brayden (UCD)

This module introduces the concepts involved in the drug discovery and development process in the pharmaceutical industry and provides case studies of both small molecule and biotech molecule development from discovery to market. The module features perspectives from academia and industry, with input from university spin-offs, venture capitalists and patients.

Principles of Medical Device Design

Academic Coordinator: Prof Abhay Pandit (NUI Galway), Dr Manus Biggs (NUI Galway)

This module integrates the approaches of engineering and life sciences, including strategies involving nanotechnology and regenerative medicine. It provides an introduction to assessing clinical need/market, selecting the optimal treatment strategy and the design factors of a medical device, and covers the translation to market.


Academic Coordinator: Dr Akke Vellinga (NUI Galway)

Epidemiology studies the occurrence of health and disease in populations with the use of scientific and standardised methods. This module introduces methods used in epidemiological research and discusses outcomes of studies.

e-Learning modules in development


Quality and Standards for Medical Devices

In partnership with CÚRAM, SFI Centre for Research in Medical Devices

This module will provide participants with an introduction to the concept of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the context of the highly regulated Medical Devices sector. At the end of the module, participants should be able to refer to core QMS requirements as described in ISO 13485, the global standard for medical device quality management systems.

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Introduction to Clinical Trials

In partnership with Europe

As part of the Erasmus+ funded 'Curriculum Development of Human Clinical Trials for the Next Generation Biomedical Students' (CONSCIOUS) project, CRDI will work closely with the HRB Clinical Research Facility at University College Cork and European partners to produce an e-Learning course on ‘Introduction to Clinical Trials’.

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Research in the Neonatal and Obstetric Environment


Neonatal EEG Monitoring

In partnership with UCC’s INFANT Centre

Research in the Neonatal and Obstetric Environment: Using interactive techniques, participants will be engaged in a variety of aspects of the discipline including an introduction to the NICU, the origins of Neonatology and prematurity and development.

Neonatal EEG Monitoring: An electroencephalogram (EEG) e-Learning module that will outline the applications of EEG in identifying and tracking seizures in infants.

CRDI and the UCC’s INFANT Centre are also partners in the HRB Neonatal Encephalopathy PhD Training Network (NEPTuNE).
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